I made tomato jam and it came out a bit sweeter than I like. Any suggestions?



Rachel September 14, 2015
Not sure if i am too late to chime in here, but I've used plain citric acid to bump up the acidity and add balance without significantly changing the flavor. I purchased it from an Italian grocery store, but you can also find it at Middle Eastern markets or other specialty grocers. Alternatively, you could use Ascorbic acid (sold commonly in grocery stores under the name Fruit Fresh in the spice aisle).

Hope that helps!
PieceOfLayerCake September 14, 2015
YES! Citric acid is so underutilized. I use it all the time in baking to bring brightness to a component (I almost always add a pinch to buttercream) that's particularly rich or flat. It has no flavor profile other than "zing". I buy mine at a local spice shop, but its also online.
Jackie S. September 14, 2015
Thanks so much Susan W and mrslarkin. Going to go the citrus route.
Nancy September 14, 2015
and/or you could balance the sweetness with some heat - chillies or a medium to hot curry blend - or add some walnuts and pomegranate seeds (on the idea of Muhamarra). Those last would change the flavor and texture or your jam, making it more like a chutney, but they play nicely with tomatoes.
mrslarkin September 13, 2015
A little lime juice could work to cut the sweetness.
Susan W. September 13, 2015
That's probably a better idea than mine so as not to change the entire flavor profile.
Susan W. September 13, 2015
How about adding a little balsamic vinegar? I've made a Balsamic tomato jam before. I did simmer it for a couple of hours. Maybe reduce the vinegar so the flavor deepens and you don't add too much liquid.
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