Lard a year old

I bought some lard last July at a local store known for local produce and meats. I put it in the freezer and I pulled it out two months ago and put it near the back of my fridge. I want to make pie crust today but not sure if lard is too old. Also I noticed that this lard is labeled Manteca, I thought it was from the local farm associated with the store apparently I was mistaken. Is Manteca lard a good brand for pie crust? Thanks!!



tiffanylee September 14, 2015
Thanks!! I will !!
Chocolate B. September 14, 2015
I'm also in Portland--delicious Fatlandia of the West Coast--and Susan is so right. I use some leaf lard in all my pie crusts, and they are the flakey and tender pie crusts of your dreams.
Susan W. September 15, 2015
Fatlandia. Lol. Love that!!
Chocolate B. September 15, 2015
I am working in San Francisco for three months, and Oh, how I miss Portland! Yes, the restaurants here are great, but I like to COOK, and the grocery stores in my part of town--The Castro/Noe Valley--are pretty pathetic compared to what is available to me within fifteen minutes walking distance in Portland: Zupans, City Market, Food Front Coop, New Seasons, and of course Freddies. Every night when I try to put together a dinner menu I long to be in Portland.
Susan W. September 15, 2015
So true. Portland is one of those best kept secrets when it comes to food. I have Haggen, New Seasons, Zupans, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and Safeway all within walking distance.
tiffanylee September 14, 2015
Thank you both ill think I'll stick with butter I don't want a meaty pear pie!! I don't see amour on the label, it's got a price and label from the the store only. I think I'll use it for fried chicken instead now that I like meaty!!
Susan W. September 14, 2015
Good idea. Just for fun, Fatworks is a small company locally here in Portland, Oregon. All they do is lard. Everything is from grass fed, pastured animals. Their lard is incredible. Even their duck fat is from pastured ducks. Their leaf lard (what you should use for baking) has zero meaty taste. I like using half leaf lard and half butter. Best of both worlds. Here's their website in case you want to take a look.
Amy September 14, 2015
I am a pastry chef, and I can't stand to use lard in pie crust. To me, it tastes "meaty"...I know that sounds weird, but a pastry crust is supposed to be buttery and light and sweet. It also smells strange when it's baking, not at all like what most think a pie crust should smell like. I'm a fan of butter, hands down.
Susan W. September 14, 2015
Manteca is Spanish for lard. Does it say Armour on the package somewhere? If so, I have good and bad news. They used to add a little transfat to extend the shelf life, so it's probably fine as far as shelf life goes. Even if they didn't, you'd be fine because you froze it. However, I find it has more of a flavor than I want to add to my pie crust. It could just be me. Try a little taste and see what you think.
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