Can I make red velvet cake batter 20 hours before baking it?



louisez April 5, 2018
If you need to make it ahead, bake, cool, refrigerate or freeze
HalfPint April 5, 2018
Yes, but you might not get much rise. If you are using a recipe that calls for baking soda (base) and buttermilk (acid), the acid-base reaction that produces the gas for leavening would have finished reacting (mostly) and all your gas bubbles may have deflated. Cake is edible but it will not rise much.

Jenn2323 April 5, 2018
Thank you!

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Dina April 5, 2018
Probably not. Since red velvet cake usually relies on the combo of buttermilk (acid) and baking soda for lift, that chemical reaction would be long done by the time you actually baked it. You could always combine the dry ingredients ahead of time, and just mix up the wet and combine right before baking?
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