How long will a blueberry pie last

I have to bake a blueberry pie around 3pm today, but will not be using it until later tomorrow night. Will it hold up? And what do you recommend as the best way to store it?

  • Posted by: Caraj
  • September 16, 2015


Susan W. September 16, 2015
I think you'll find it much better if you don't refrigerate it. There's no need with a blueberry pie. The crust will be much nicer if you let it cool, wrap it well and leave it out.
Cav September 16, 2015
Do you live with people who adore blueberry pie and are of a snaffling nature? If so you may find tomorrow morning it's been snaffled.
Nancy September 16, 2015
right. the answer in our house to how long does blueberry pie last was always, "no one knows...bc it's not around long enough to judge"
Niknud September 16, 2015
Hahaha - storing a blueberry pie! Yah, it's pretty much a thunderdome situation should a blueberry pie ever appear - sharp instruments and skullduggery and out and out warfare. Never have leftovers. Dinner has been forgone in the name of blueberry pie! I believe the love of pie was the impetus behind the "eat dessert first" approach that has become the Thanksgiving tradition in our house. We eat pie at 10 in the morning and have Thanksgiving supper mid-afternoon.
PieceOfLayerCake September 16, 2015
Personally, I wouldn't refrigerate the pie. Since its a fruit pie it doesn't need to be refrigerated and pie crust loses a lot of its wonderful texture in the fridge (the fridge is murder on so many baked goods). Unless its a custard/cream pie, I would leave a pie out at room temperature, kept airtight, for up to 3 days. If I was planning on keeping it longer, I would freeze it.
702551 September 16, 2015
It'll be fine. Not as good as a freshly baked pie, but a lot of baked goods are like this (bread is a great example). That's really your call if you think you and/or your guests will enjoy it. That's the same decision you need to make any time you are serving anything outside the normal service window (fried food, fresh baked goods).

It'll end up being more like the pie sitting in some pastry shop or grocery store refrigerator case that was probably baked a day or two before.

Some people are fine eating a plastic box of two-day old sushi from the supermarket refrigerator case. Other people won't eat sushi unless they are sitting in front of the person who is making it. It's a judgment call entirely on your part.

Some things are actually better a couple days later (stews and many soups).

If you have a refrigerator that is largely free of strong odors, just leave it in the baking pan and wrap with foil.

Good luck.
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