What can I use on a chili seasoning recipe without cumin, garlic, paprika, oregano, parsley, turmeric, cinnamon?

I discovered I have food allergies and need replacements!!

Melanie West


Stephanie September 25, 2015
I agree with Nancy that it might be worth exploring other cuisines...you have an opportunity to totally change it up and discover new things! If you still want to replicate chili, a few thoughts/ideas below...
- If actual chiles aren't verboten, you have plenty of options (ancho, chipotle, chimayo...) to give it that spicy chili quality.
- Annatto oil or ground annatto
- Try swapping in thyme for oregano, though probably in a slightly smaller quantity.
- It won't be quite the same but cilantro definitely adds that southwestern flavor. Maybe whiz it up with some oil for a chimichurri style oil.
- I would suggest playing around with adding a pinch of caraway as a substitute for cumin - they both have rich earthy flavors.
MMH September 24, 2015
i would go to a spice store and buy the things seperately which don't bother you and experiment with those flavors.
Smaug September 24, 2015
If you can't have bell peppers or paprika, the Mexican/Southwest peppers are probably also out, pretty much a deal breaker for chili. On the bright side, Mexican oregano is unrelated to European oregano, so that might be OK.
Melanie W. September 24, 2015
I know right, I can't have bell peppers or any kind of beer either (trust me there are many more restrictions)! SO LAME! lol, Luckily these should not be permanent as they are truly sensitivities not allergies.... but I have to get them out of my diet for 6 months! I like your idea of changing spice profiles though.
Nancy September 25, 2015
BTW, i meant chilies when I suggested peppers. Are they also verbotten, or permitted?
Nancy September 24, 2015
That's a rough list of exclusions. Basically you're left with beef, onions, tomatoes, peppers and - if you use them - beans.
Maybe learn other beef stews with other spice profiles (French daube, Flemish carbonnades with good beer, Moroccan tagine).
Any chance the allergies are nor permanent?
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