What went wrong with this marinade?

There were some obvious issues with the recipe (listed cumin seeds as an ingredient, not in the actual recipe, called for orange in the ingredients and then used lemon in the recipe) but this marinade was the worst thing I have ever made. It had cumin seeds, coriander seeds, chili flakes, marjoram, garlic, olive oil and salt and I ground it all in a food processor and tasted like chili flavored soap. Thoughts?



rldougherty September 21, 2012
Almost positive it is the olive oil! Dang it. I thought i was in the clear buying the imported stuff from Greece.
rldougherty September 21, 2012
I just bought it a week or so ago from an imported food store. Hmmm---I am going to give that a taste.
Reiney September 21, 2012
How fresh was the olive oil?

mensaque September 21, 2012
Sarah may be on to something...it might be rancid.
rldougherty September 21, 2012
It was fresh marjoram.
mensaque September 21, 2012
Then I got nothing,sorry!
rldougherty September 21, 2012
I think the orange would have added a lot? The recipe said to finish the steak with lemon. Anyways, it hit the trash as I did not have the patience to try and fix it.
mensaque September 21, 2012
Was the marjoram you used fresh or dried?Cause if it was dried and maybe you had it opened for a while,the "soapyness"could have come from the stale taste of the herb.
HalfPint September 21, 2012
Seems to be missing an acid and you might not have had enough salt.
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