I need suggestions for a picnic menu for crisp cool Autumn weather!

We'll be sailing this weekend, with no cooking facilities. For summer-time sailtrips, I usually pack grain-based salads, lots of veggies with hummus, and deli-meat sandwiches. But with cooler temperature, and autumn produce, my stand-bys don't seem quite the thing. Any suggestions for cool-weather picnics?



E E. October 1, 2015
Oh, you lucky ducks. Have fun on the boat. I agree with the thermos suggestion. Chile might be nice for a crisp day.
For something fairly tidy to eat out of hand how about Scotch eggs? Hard boil eggs (but don't overcook them.) Pat on some sausage all over, it can be just a basic breakfast sausage. In pubs they are deep fried but I have success just browning them in a pan with some neutral oil. If you are worried about having them thoroughly done you can finish them in the oven. (I would just slice one in half and eyeball it for doneness when it comes out of the sauté phase.)
ChefJune October 1, 2015
There's a wonderful salad here on Food52 - served room temp - that has chick peas, yams and zucchini. I love it any time of year, but especially in fall. I think that would be a great dish. I also still like your sandwiches - maybe heartier meats like roast beef?
Jenn60 October 1, 2015
If you have a Thermos for each person, cheese soup is great for a cool day. I base mine on the cheddar cheese soup recipe in the Joy of Cooking, but use whatever cheeses I have on hand (a blend of 5 is my fave), and add dry white wine.
Nancy October 1, 2015
All right. I was going to suggest a squash or potato based dish, but soozbooz3 has covered that.
More ideas - chunky home-made apple-sauce in two versions, mit und mitout alcohol (otherwise known as Apple-sauce for grown ups). Original recipe called for vodka, which makes it smooth. Variations depend on what your crew likes. Make some without for abstainers and the captain, who can have the boozy version once you're safely home.
Or a cheesecake (conventional with cream cheese, unusual with Stilton or pesto).
And nuts in the shell to snack on - whatever s fresh in the market.
Niknud October 1, 2015
boozy applesauce? Go on.......
Nancy October 1, 2015
Niknud - Julia Child had a version in Mastering I which used brandy, citrus zest and apricots for flavor.
I had another version I used to make, with vodka, but lost the recipe.
They all work the same - you need very little alcohol to get the benefit in both taste and texture. If you have your own favorite recipe, start by adding one tablespoon of your desired liquor or liqueur, taste and add more as desired.
eternalgradstudent October 1, 2015
ooohh.... boozy applesauce! I still have 2 jars left from last year's harvest, that could be put into service. Thanks!
soozbooz3 October 1, 2015
The Butternut Squash/Roasted Garlic Galette receipe on this site has been a huge crowd pleaser and the ingredients are cheap. can serve it cold. feeds a lot. easy to transport. I'd serve it with a sliced apple fennel and manchego salad (sliver the apples, manchego and fennel on mandolin or sliced as thin as you can and toss with olive oil and a splash of vinegar. add hazelnuts if you feel fancy or almonds for crunch). you can make it early it only gets better as it sits. pack in large tupperware to transport.
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