What can I add to double cream to make it more flavoursome - I was thinking vanilla extract or cocoa? Can you do that?



foofaraw October 4, 2015
Maybe ginger and spice? Warm up the cream with ginger pieces , cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice, let it steep, then strain. Would be good with dessert in the Fall.
Nancy October 4, 2015
I would say it depends on how you're using the double cream.
If in baking or a composed dish, perhaps just use the seasoning profile, whether sweet or savory, in the recipe. Or enhance from similar recipes (British dessert, soup, cream sauce, whatever).
If using on its own to top a dessert, yes to vanilla extract, other extract, alcohol (esp fruit based liqueur), but add slowly in incremental amounts so you stop when you reach desired taste and texture.
If you're adding cocoa or something dry like sweet spices, I would not mix them in as it may give a muddy color to the cream.
Rather, if a dessert, dust the plate, add the dessert and then cream. Or another sequence, dessert portion, cream, dusting of cocoa or ground spice.
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