Knives for kids

Can anyone recommend a good set of "training knives" safe and appropriate for a 6 1/2 yr old?

Kristen W.


cranberry October 16, 2015
We used the zyliss lettuce knife when my kids were small.
Kristen W. October 15, 2015
Thank you!
The S. October 13, 2015
Curious Chef Training Knives--I even have a post about my daughter using them:
Kristen W. October 12, 2015
Thank you, this is great!
Kim M. October 12, 2015
These just came back in stock and we're ordering for my 3 year old. Plan to buy the Opiniel set when he's a little older.
Amanda H. October 11, 2015
I recently bought my 9-year-olds this set from Opinel -- I would have gotten it for them when they were 7 or 8 had I known about it:
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