What dinner ideas are good for kids (6 & 9 yr olds) that adult palettes will also enjoy?



Topquality E. September 24, 2013
I've learned with my children you can't really go wrong with chicken and mac & cheese.
willow101 September 23, 2013
Right now I am (slowly) reading "Dinner: A Love Story." Her blog also has great ideas: www.dinneralovestory.com. Along the same lines, thenaptimechef.com is very focused on meals that are fun for both kids and adults.
savorthis September 23, 2013
We love hosting "Make Your Own..." parties with tacos, pizza, lasagna etc. where we offer a variety of ingredients that everyone can assemble themselves. That way you can offer things that are spicy or more adventurous without "ruining" the whole dish for the picky people and kids are more likely to try small bits of the more alarming items.
nutcakes September 23, 2013
One of my families all time favorites, the chile peppers are optional. We prefer it with the fresh kind of noodles you can get in the refrigerated section near the produce where tofu is kept.

Sugartoast September 22, 2013
Fish tacos (made with cod or halibut) are a huge hit with my kids!
SeaJambon September 21, 2013
Actually< anything in the "comfort food" department (meatloaf; lasagne; fried chicken ...) will fit the bill admirably
SeaJambon September 21, 2013
how casual and/or upscale? "real" mac & cheese (nothing from a box!) can be unexpectedly good - you can enhance w/either crab or lobster for the grown ups ...
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