Any ideas for using up tons of small potatoes?

For the last few weeks my CSA has been heavy on potatoes - various kinds and colors, all quite delicious, but more than I've been able to eat. I know that they should keep for a while but I do have a pretty warm kitchen and I'm worried they'll sprout before I can get to them unless I find some good ways to use them up soonish. So, does anyone have any favorite potato (vegetarian) potato recipes? Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and sweets are all fair game :)



Sam1148 October 17, 2015
Microwave them until a bit soft then smash them in a well oiled waffle maker to crisp them up. Serve with bacon, eggs and a bloody marry.
jeinde October 17, 2015
Michael Chiarello has a great recipe for baby potatoes, but I can't find it in his cookbook so maybe got it off the internet? Cook baby potatoes in skins until tender. Smash them until then flatten then sauté on both sides in a mixture of butter and olive oil until crispy. Add a mix of chopped fresh parsley, lemon rind and finely chopped garlic, and cook until fragrant. Yummy.
sexyLAMBCHOPx October 17, 2015
Small potatoes are delicious (and adorable when stuffed!) Otherwise Baked potato soup - yum!
Kristen W. October 17, 2015
Oven fries!
rt21 October 16, 2015
If you store potatoes with an apple they won't sprout
Niknud October 16, 2015
Potato salad is my go to. But the Scandinavian kind. Use sour cream instead of mayo, chopped bacon (omit for vegetarian, natch), red onion and a ton of dill. My favorite! Also amazing is this genius salt-crusted potato recipe: Definitely double the mojo sauce because it's great on tons of things besides the potatoes.

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sweetlolo October 16, 2015
Make gnocchi - uses plenty of potatoes and once formed freeze beautifully until you're ready to cook them.
Smaug October 16, 2015
You could put them in the refrigerator.
summersavory October 16, 2015
That would be an obvious solution, wouldn't it? Unfortunately I live with a whole bunch of roommates and fridge space is at a premium. Perhaps if I cleaned out some of the mystery tupperwares that accumulate in the back there would be room for a few spuds...
Greenstuff October 16, 2015
Actually, refrigerating potatoes is not generally recommended. The starches turn to sugars, giving them an odd taste, and they tend to turn dark when they're cooked. See, for example, this U.S. Potato Board site,
Smaug October 16, 2015
If you don't have room to store your food, that's probably a good idea. Some of the innumerable scientists who seem to have infinite time on their hands should do a study of how much of the average refrigerator is functional- I'm betting on under 70%. I have never had any problem with refrigerated potatoes tasting funny, looking funny, or anything else of the sort- maybe it causes problems with russets, I never refrigerate those. Yet more scientists with time on their hands- why do people feel the schools need to put more emphasis on sciences?
Nancy October 16, 2015
Aside from the usual suspects, I mean uses, potatoes can also be used in bread or cake (gives great moistness texture). Boil and mash, and use about 1 cup for 6 cups of flour.
James Beard has a great Refrigerator Potato Bread recipe in his Beard on Bread book, and there are myriad chocolate cakes which use mashed potato.
Also, make them into latkes, which can be used with savory or sweet toppings. Or as mini-latkes to garnish soup (instead of a dumpling or crouton).
summersavory October 16, 2015
Thanks, Nancy! I've never made potato bread but I like the sound of it. And of course latkes are always a delicious option :)
Nancy October 16, 2015
P.S. the bread dough, baked bread, baked cake & fried latkes can all be frozen. So if you have freezer space and like some of these options, use them and save your potato-creation for futures.
Cav October 16, 2015
Saag Aloo would be a perennial favourite for that. Bubble and Squeak for breakfast, Spanish Omelet / Tortilla for lunch and then I wouldn't be able to face another potato in the eye for the rest of the day.
summersavory October 16, 2015
Saag Aloo sounds delicious – I may have to pick up some spinach and try it this weekend. Thanks for all the suggestions!
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