Best recipe ideas for a blue Hubbard squash? I have a medium sized one, approximately 8 #.

  • Posted by: JulieS
  • October 16, 2015


Kristen W. October 19, 2015
You have a point - trying to cut through the thing when I got one started to resemble a Gallagher routine after a while.
mainecook61 October 18, 2015
Once you've disposed of the thing, complain to the CSA. Why anyone continues to raise these old-timers is beyond me. Watery, enormous, and a shell that needs an axe---and you could be eating lovely squashes like kabocha, delicata, buttercup, butternut, acorn. Butternuts keep as well as Hubbards, too, right into spring.
JulieS October 17, 2015
Great ideas! The fall-toush and soup sound fabulous!
sexyLAMBCHOPx October 17, 2015
Any squash this tome of year screams creamy soup to me. I've made this recipe before and added blue cheese. With the size of the squash just up the the other ingredients slightly. This is certainly a good problem!
Kristen W. October 17, 2015
I got one in the CSA recently, and I subbed some of it for butternut squash in this recipe:

I must admit I like the butternut better, but the blue Hubbard still worked fine.
702551 October 17, 2015
I tend to cook squashes in their entirety. If there is more than necessary for a particular dish, I will generally freeze the remaining cooked squash.

This is easier for me than figuring out how to incorporate leftover raw squash into dishes before it starts to go south.

But it's entirely your call. If you feed a lot of mouths, it should be fairly easy to find online squash recipe sources to process eight pounds of squash in just a few dishes.

As a single person, there's no way I'd ever consider taking an 8-lb. squash home. But that's just me...
JulieS October 17, 2015
I didn't choose to buy an 8# squash, it chose me. Came to me thru a friend's CSA who passed it on to me. I usually like to slice/cube most squash with just olive oil, salt, pepper and herbs or spices and roast to caramelized perfection,but the Hubbard seems to be a different animal and I was just searching for ideas.
scruz October 16, 2015
when i have a big squash, i tend to cut it into portions needed for that day and refrigerate the remainder. i have found that keeping the seeds in keeps it fresher in fridge but don't try to store it for a week. i would make a nice pot of soup, and maybe throw some pieces into a stew. and maybe try some mash like potatoes. i don't have any recipes on hand (i tend to cook by the seat of my pants) but they are available all over the net. google best recipes hubbard and a lot of them will pop up.
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