How long to cook a 2lb boneless pork rib roast?

I'm trying to get supper done before my husband grts home and I'm making a pork rib roast. How long do you cook it for and what temp? Thanks in advance for any help!!

  • Posted by: Lindsay
  • October 19, 2015
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702551 October 19, 2015
There are a wide range of approaches for this, some say to cook at 350-375 degrees F, others suggest a lower temperature, like 300 deg F.

Some people like me believe the roast will stay juicier at a lower roasting temperature. If you roast at 300 deg F., it should be around 25-30 minutes per pound. I often roast around 275, so it takes even longer. Not a big deal for me.

The key thing here is not to look at the clock. Cook meat until it is done to your preference.

An internal temperature of 145-150 degrees will ensure juiciness. Use a meat thermometer, although an experienced cook often can determine doneness with a metal skewer.

Good luck.
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