How long should i cook 15lb pork ribs in oven at 250?

I have 15 pounds of pork baby back ribs, membrane off, and cut into 4, half racks. I want to cook them on low heat, around 250, but I do not know if I should cook them longer than the normal 3 hours because of the large quantity. Any help would be appreciated.

Sushil Trivedi


bigpan September 14, 2014
I wrap my racks in foil and put in a 225F convection oven for 5 hours. The meat is soooo soft.
aaditya September 13, 2014
Susan W. September 13, 2014
You shouldn't need to cook them any longer than you usually do as long as they are layed out with a little breathing room between them. Each rack was 7.5 lbs? Holy smokes.
Sushil T. September 13, 2014
Sorry, I got 9 half racks (4.5 full) and the total weight was almost 15 lbs. Thanks for your answer!
Susan W. September 13, 2014
It may take longer if they are piled on top of each other. I would imagine that you would need to rotate them around.
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