Method for Bread Salad - using last of summer tomatoes

What is the method? Can't waste time to look up bunch of recipes. I have a 2 day old baguette, hard. Do I soak in water, wring out and tear? I have last of summer heirlooms, basil, cukes. Anything else, don't know if I have anything? Vinaigrette ight? Capers? How long does it have to rest for?



Kristen W. October 22, 2015
You know now that I think of it, given the difference in bread I eventually settled on lightly toasting the stale, cubed bread and then just giving it few minutes to soak in the dressing before serving, and that seems to work just fine. It may not taste the way it would in Tuscany but it's still good. Perhaps I should have mentioned that as well!
nutcakes October 22, 2015
Yes I saw that and Pamela Sheldon Johns gave a method for that. Thing is, my baguette was rock hard. Could not have cut it.
Kristen W. October 21, 2015
Oh sorry, you've probably made it already! Oh well, for next year perhaps...
Kristen W. October 21, 2015
I asked a question a while ago about panzanella methods. Search the hotline for the question entitled "panzanella" and you can read the answers I got - someone in Tuscany actually answered me with some very enlightening info!
Greenstuff October 22, 2015
here's your link
nutcakes October 22, 2015
No, I didn't make it. I looked up the thread you mentioned with the info from Pamela Sheldon Johns (and thanks for posting it Greenstuff) and got a bit discouraged that you need Tuscan no salt bread so it doesn't get gummy. I only had my hard baguette. So I made a salad instead. I did try to soak my rock hard baguette and it didn't look appetizing so I discarded it. Next time I will make and freeze croutons before it is completely dries out.
inpatskitchen October 20, 2015
This one looks right up your alley:
nutcakes October 22, 2015
Yes it does. Thanks for the link. I decided to just make salad, not bread salad. I like the idea to make a paste from the basil. I may try that.
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