what to do with green tomatoes

I have 20 pounds of hard, green tomatoes and not sure how to preserve them for winter or eat them now. Suggestions?

  • Posted by: Hagi
  • October 24, 2015


Jimmy H. October 29, 2015
green tomato pie is soooo good! I have a recipe in a book somewhere it has a corn meal crust, raisins, cinnamon, cloves and a touch of cayenne. If you like apple pie, you will love green tomato pie
Jenn K. October 29, 2015
I made this green posole from Bon Appetit (http://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/green-posole-with-cod-and-cilantro) and used green tomatoes in place of the tomatillos, and it turned out quite well. I know they're not the same thing, but it was delicious and I'll definitely do it again.
stacy October 28, 2015
I had one and added it to a frittata with red tomatoes and bell peppers, it was very good
bigpan October 25, 2015
I pickle them then serve in a martini !
Dauntlesst October 25, 2015
The next time you use your grill slice them about 1/2" or less and grill. Not only are they great hot but also cold or reheated.
em-i-lis October 25, 2015
If you have a few leftover, thinly sliced green toms are fantastic on pizzas!!
Annie S. October 25, 2015
Green tomato Parm is great!
Kristen W. October 25, 2015
Definitely fry at least some of them! After that, I wonder how they would work as a sub for tomatillos in a salsa verde. Just a thought...
Smaug October 26, 2015
You could certainly make a decent green tomato salsa, but they really don't taste anything like tomatillos- it would have to be a new dish.
Lucy D. October 24, 2015
Easy pickles: Cut 6-7 medium sized green tomatoes into wedges. Add fistful of coarsely chopped Italian parsley, small handful of coarslely chopped garlic, and a couple stalks chopped celery. Salt generously and pack tightly in a lidded jar. Leave on counter. Once each day for the next 2-3 days, use a clean wooden spoon to squish your tomatoes into liquid and then taste liquid for saltiness. It should be like the sea. If it's not like the sea, add salt. After 2-3 days, you will have delicious, garlicky, pickles. Store in the refrigerator and add to anything: sliced on egg sandwich, kale salad with roasted almonds are household favorites.
louisez October 24, 2015
My favorite is the chow chow from the gift of southern cooking (Edna Lewis and Scott Peacock).
While I have let them ripen (put in a paper bag, close the top, and let them sit in someplace cool and dark -- as in the basement), they can't match fresh ripe tomatoes. My preference would be to use them soon after picking -- whether in chow chow, breads, pies, or sour pickles.
PieceOfLayerCake October 24, 2015
Fry them suckers.
Panfusine October 24, 2015
My favorite recipe for green tomatoes:
Hubajube October 24, 2015
This time of year every year I make the Sri Lankan Green Tomato Curry from the incredible Mangoes & Curry Leaves cookbook. You can see the recipe on Amazon here, but it's well worth buying the cookbook: https://books.google.com/books?id=7PPbE11G49wC&pg=PA142 I mail ordered a couple jars of dried maldive fish that have lasted me for years, but the bonito flake substitution works. Do try to track down curry leaves though. Their flavor is very important.

Milk rice makes a great accompaniment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uijvMvMGYNM
rt21 October 24, 2015
A friend makes jam out of them using a raspberry jello .... I'm afraid I don't have the recipe
sfmiller October 24, 2015
Twenty pounds is a lot to use up. If any of them show any color at all, I'd set them to see if they'll ripen.

With the rest......

--fried green tomatoes
--green tomato gratin (Lots of recipes online. They behave very much like zucchini and throw off lots of water when baked, so pre-salting and patting dry is a good idea, or combining with potatoes, which will absorb some of the liquid.)
--savory or sweet green tomato pies & tarts

--chow-chow, picallili, other relishes (Many recipes include green tomatoes, for ones that call for substitute, straight substitute green tomatoes)
--bread & butter pickles (straight substitute for cucumbers)
--lacto-fermented sour pickles (my favorite)
Smaug October 24, 2015
There's always fried green tomatoes, if you enjoy heart attacks. You can make something along the lines of an apple pie, but I don't have a recipe- probably a bit more flour or starch than your usual apple pie, but spiced the same.
inpatskitchen October 24, 2015
I know this might sound weird but I use them in place of zucchini for "zucchini" bread. Just seed and grate..
Cav October 24, 2015
I make a Green Tomato Chutney, which is fantastic on cheese and the like. Or a Hot and Sour Green Tomato Soup (Thai, Vietnamese type flavours).
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