How to cook dried mini split fava beans?

The 2 pound bag of dried mini split fava beans seemed like such a good idea. They've silently mocked me from the cabinet for over a year. No directions on the bag. Can I treat them like lentils (cook w/o soaking)? The few recipes I found through Google are for soaking & making into falafel batter. I'd prefer another cooking method.

  • Posted by: Randi
  • October 25, 2015


Maedl October 26, 2015
I think you definitely need to soak them overnight before cooking. Then, cook them like any other dried bean. A classic southern Italian way is to mash them after cooking, and add some olive oil, salt, pepper, and maybe some sauteed garlic for extra flavor. Serve them with any bitter green--cicoria, rapini, Tuscan kale . . . . I prepare the greens by washing well, slicing into strips, dicing onions, garlic and bacon. Fry that in olive oil, add the greens, and cook til tender. You can simply boil the greens, but I like the bacon and garlic flavor.
Nancy October 25, 2015
Try ful medames, traditional Egyptian, Lebanese and Syrian variations, garnishes.
Soupy base of the cooked beans which can be topped with tomato sauce, egg, cucumber, yogurt, feta, olives, et al.
Recipe by Claudia Roden in New Book of Middle Eastern Food, 2000.
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