crock pot help please!

I am working on a beef pot roast resipe from a cookbook cooking for two and I bought all the ingredients and I r
ealized they were useing a 3 1/2 quart crockpot and I have a 6 quart am I still able to make this or will it be to little in the pot and it will dry up or burn?



Susan W. October 27, 2015
It won't burn. It may cook faster than the book says, so just be prepared for that. They really do take a little getting used to, but I have 3 and use them all the time.
Susan W. October 27, 2015
Wow, that's a tiny chuck roast. If you have a smaller container to put inside the slow cooker, that would be best. If not, give it a go. You could increase the stock to 2 cups and the tomato paste, Worcestershire and oregano accordingly. It may work out perfectly.
Brittany October 27, 2015
thank you so much i don't have a small container i will try doing that,and ya i no its small i did not realize the cook book was made for a small crock pot,i just hope it wont burn even with adding the extra stock thank you for you help!
ktr October 27, 2015
It may be too late for this response, but I'd probably add more veggies as well as more liquid as Susan W advised.
Susan W. October 27, 2015
I have found that using the correct size slow cooker is crucial to success and I'm convinced it's the main reason people take a dislike to them. Smaller slow cookers can be bought for under $20, so well worth it. One thing you can do is place a smaller oven proof container inside your slow cooker. If that isn't possible, you can increase the liquid, but not by too much. Can you link the recipe? This might be a bigger problem if you were making a rice, soup or bean dish, but you'll probably have to make a bit of an adjustment.
Brittany October 27, 2015
the recipe is
1 pound chuck roast
20 baby carrots
2 cup pearl onions
1 1/2 cup beef broth
2 bay leaf
4 small white potatos
1 cup green beans
2 tablespoon tomato paste
4 teaspoon worcestershire sauce
2 teaspoon dried oregano

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