I'm looking for an amazing electric teakettle since my Breville is on the blink. Any suggestions?



boulangere October 30, 2015
I have a Hamilton Beach that I got at Costco for $20. Please understand, it was the price not the brand that drew me in. Still and all, it's been a champ for 4 years, and if it died tomorrow, I'd get another just like it. Or at least another whatever for a similar price.
bamcnamara October 28, 2015
I've had a Cuisenart for several years and love it....BBB link and you could use the 20% off coupon. Good luck! http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/store/product/cuisinart-perfectemp-stainless-steel-cordless-programmable-electric-kettle/1017391690?skuId=17391690&mcid=PS_googlepla_nonbrand_coffeetea_&adpos=1o3&creative=43742633389&device=c&matchtype=&network=g&gclid=CNu5jfy45sgCFUyPHwodN80PcA
foofaraw October 28, 2015
Zojirushi or Tiger water boiler/thermos will be my next one. For now, the one I bought in Costco has been working really well so far.
ktr October 27, 2015
I was just starting to look for a new one too. I've found a few that have temperature settings but I haven't figured out which ones are the easiest to fill - my current one had a lid that flips opens but you have to tilt the kettle to fill it which drives my husband crazy.
The ones I've looked at so far are the iq kettle by breville, the cpk 17 by cuisinart and the chefman precision kettle. I like that the chefman has an hour keep warm function. But the breville is the largest.
Susan W. October 27, 2015
Here's a short thread discussing this very thing.
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