Flourless chocolate cake

My flourless chocolate cake will taste amazing but looks unappealing. Any suggestions for jazzing it up?

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Lisa April 4, 2015
Sieve powdered sugar over the top and put a flower on the side. Modern and beautiful. You could even cut out a design on a round piece of parchment paper put it on before you sieve the powdered sugar. Alice medrich tip from cocolat days.
drbabs April 3, 2015
I had a similar problem a few years ago and ended up topping the whole cake with fresh raspberries: https://food52.com/recipes/3885-a-marriage-of-two-chocolate-cakes
jilhil April 3, 2015
Whipped coconut cream and (sieved) fresh raspberry purée
Nancy April 3, 2015
For passover Seder with meat? See if these appea: mixed berries (complex flavor mix that goes well with chocolate) or just some red ones. candied orange peel. Roasted slivered almonds or pignoli. Red pepper walnut pomegranate sauce (muhamarra) without any savory aromatics to make it suitable for dessert.
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