I have a glut of potatoes so would like to make french fries for freezing. Some online sites suggest blanching first (which I've done for oth



ChefJune October 30, 2015
The truly great frites (the "real" name of French Fries) are fried twice. the first fry is more of a blanch in the oil. For freezing you will want to do that first step. then spread the hot fries on paper toweling to drain and dry off. Then put them on a cookie or sheet pan that's been lined with parchment and freeze them individually. Once they are frozen solid, you can measure them out and freeze in marked baggies.
702551 October 29, 2015
Blanch in oil before freezing. This is basically what most commercial french fry manufacturers do.
Monkey October 29, 2015
There is a very explanatory method to do just that in Kenji Lopez's new book, The Food Lab. Haven't tried it myself but it looks like it might work wonderfully.
Monkey October 29, 2015
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