I need to make a finger food appetizer for a party. Would like to make Moro's squash/chickpeas but chickpeas fall off toothpicks. Suggestions?

I need to make a finger food appetizer for a party. Would like to make Moro's squash/chickpea recipe but chickpeas fall off toothpicks. Suggestions? Wrap a piece of lettuce around a spoonful, secure with a toothpick and hope people don't try to pick it up that way?



LittleMissMuffin November 18, 2015
Thanks so much for all the suggestions! I made r the squash into canapés as suggested by one and mashed the chickpeas with tahini to spread on top. Everyone loved it! I would insert a pic but can't seem to get that option here
702551 November 18, 2015
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Anyhow, glad to hear it worked out.
Nancy November 19, 2015
So glad the idea worked out for you and your guests!...would you change anything if you made this appetizer again, or repeat as you served it?
702551 November 1, 2015
Your primary choices are an edible wrapper like the previously mentioned rice paper wrapper or something like filo dough, the spoon (which is decidedly more realistic for a catering company that has large amounts of serving pieces/utensils/dishwashing resources), or using the item as a topping on another edible item (like bruschetta-style toast points or maybe a bite-sized tortilla chip/cup or maybe pre-baked tartlette shells).

Wrapping in lettuce with toothpicks is certainly do-able, but will require a fair amount of manual labor.

I suggest you experiment with a number of approaches and based on your assets (human resources, facilities, and budget), select an appropriate method based on what works best for your particular event.

Good luck.
Sam1148 November 1, 2015
A good solution to a handheld salad item is rice paper wrappers. Wet the wrappers and they become flexible and you wrap like a egg roll. Any Asian store will have these.

Here's a good "How to" on working with the wrappers.
Nancy November 1, 2015
Follow jbalise idea of patties.
Or: slice the squash so it can be a base (as a piece of bread or toast would be in a canapé), mash the chickpeas and rest of ingredients (coarse or fine, your call) and spread on the squash pieces.
jbfalise November 1, 2015
Maybe make them into patties
CookOnTheFly November 1, 2015
You could serve it with Chinese soup spoons. Good luck!
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