Trying to make falafel without a food processor or grinder

I'm making some falafel, and I have already soaked the dried chickpeas overnight for them. However, I don't have a food processor or grinder. I do have a blender and a mortar and pestle.

How can I grind my ingredients?



Megan G. May 13, 2019
I've made falafel in a blender before. I'd advise you to do it in batches as the mixture tends to clump up around the blades so adding it all at once might make it a bit tricky to evenly blend up
Nancy May 12, 2019
Yes to blender.
And/or potato masher.
Denise May 12, 2019
I think using the blender is better than mortar and pestle. If the chickpeas are soft enough you should not have a problem... just my thought.
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