How long can duck stock stay good for in a freezer?

  • Posted by: Ryan
  • November 4, 2015


702551 November 4, 2015
I'd say up to six months; beyond that some people will start to notice freezer burn. Don't know if you are particularly sensitive to that, everyone's taste buds are different.

Personally, I enforce a three month rule for my freezer items so I don't accumulate too much stuff.

Good luck.
Ryan November 4, 2015
That's what I have always gone with as well, but I found a container that is about a year old in the back of my freezer
702551 November 4, 2015
Well, just defrost it and try it. That's the only way to tell. After all, it has to be good enough for you.

Microorganisms aren't going to grow in a frozen block of stock.
AntoniaJames November 4, 2015
cv is right. Just defrost it, warm it up a bit and then taste it. My guess is that it will a bit flat, but still just fine to use. (I've been there, Ryan.) Since getting an iPhone I've been keeping an inventory with dates on it in my Notes app. Easy, helpful. ;o)
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