Can I substitute 1 tsp of vanilla extract for the whole bean and the extract as the recipe calls for? Also, how much salt should I add to my butte...

...r if I only have unsalted? Thank you! :

Megan Town
Brown Butter Apple Tart
Recipe question for: Brown Butter Apple Tart


Samantha November 5, 2015
Hi Megan!
On the vanilla - the bean (especially that much) will give a much richer flavor than extract. Also, if you're adding it to a custard, it will provide those pretty black flecks, and maybe even a bit of texture. If you can find it, I'd go with the bean!
PieceOfLayerCake November 5, 2015
Generally, I find it strange that a baking recipe calls for unsalted butter, however, if I were making this recipe, I'd just add a heavy pinch, so approx. ½ t. I like my salt, though. As for the vanilla extract, It is nearly always an acceptable substitution for a bean. If you can source vanilla paste, that is an even better substitution.
Megan T. November 5, 2015
Thank you! Do you think 1 tsp of vanilla extract would be appropriate for this recipe?
PieceOfLayerCake November 5, 2015
I meant "salted butter" btw....see I can barely even type it ???? As for the extract....a couple teaspoons in the entire recipe should suffice. It's a nuance, so you won't really taste it.
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