Would love to try this for Thanksgiving, but I don't have a graniteware pan with a lid and am not in a position to buy one. I have a Calphalon roa...

...ster with a rack. How will not having a lid impact this recipe? Is having a lid critical? If so, is there a work around

  • Posted by: Darlene
  • November 6, 2015


sdebrango November 6, 2015
Hi Darlene; Before I got my graniteware pan I used my calphalon roaster and covered it well with heavy duty foil. It works perfectly well. Just make sure you have a tight seal. The bird literally steams in the pan and gives off a lot of juices. For years I used the foil cover method. I like my graniteware simply because it's easy but you will be fine covering your pan with the foil. Follow the directions exactly the same way. Please let me know how you do. The beauty of this method is that the bird cooks so nicely and is always tender and moist. Thanks and let me know.
sdebrango November 6, 2015
Also make sure you spray or grease the foil as well it can stick to the turkey even though you rub the skin with oil.
inpatskitchen November 6, 2015
Darlene..I tested this recipe without realizing that I had a graniteware pan stashed in the basement and used a double throwaway foil pan and covered with heavy foil as Suzanne suggests. This bird is fantastic!!
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