I'm using a pre-brined turkey. Would this recipe work for this type of turkey, or would it be too salty? Has anyone used a brined turkey with this...

... recipe? Any input modifications would be greatly appreciated

  • Posted by: Christin
  • November 22, 2015


sdebrango November 22, 2015
Hi Christin although I have never used a pre brined turkey before I would just cut the salt, you could still put unsalted compound butter under the skin and cook it exactly the same way. If someone has experience with this maybe they can weigh in but can't think of anything different you would do except not used all the salt. Let me know how it goes.
Christin November 22, 2015
Thanks so much! I'll give that a try and let you know!
sdebrango November 22, 2015
Yes please do, you usually get a lot of juice from the turkey using this method, you may get even more with a brined turkey so be aware of that. I use part of the liquid for gravy and save the rest because I always use the carcass for stock/soup. Best of luck and Happy Thanksgiving.
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