Freezing pies for Thanksgiving?

I have four pies I'd like to make ahead for Thanksgiving. Can I make them early and freeze them? Do I cook them before I freeze them, if so?



foofaraw November 7, 2015
I don't think baked-then-frozen pie will have the same flavor as texture as the freshly baked one.
The good compromise without losing the quality is freezing the unbaked filling and unbaked pie crust separately. On the day of, thaw the filling (and top crusts if any), combine/continue the steps, and bake them.
Smaug November 7, 2015
My mother used to line a pie pan with a sheet of plastic and freeze filling in pie-shaped batches. Unfortunately, I don't know the details of how she baked them, but I think she started them in the oven frozen; unfortunately, it would take some experimenting to work this out (as it usually does when you freeze things uncooked).
702551 November 7, 2015
I'd follow the recipe author's recommendations on advance baking.

That said, I have never had a pre-cooked pie that was a good as a freshly-baked one. Never.

If you have, I strongly recommend you contact that pie recipe's author on best practices.

Good luck.
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