How early can you make pie?

I LOVE apple pie, and want to make it for Thanksgiving. But I'm cooking most of the meal and have a small kitchen/freezer -- how far in advance can I bake an apple pie and have it still be freshish for the meal? Freezing is not really an option, sadly, given the aforementioned small freezer.

  • Posted by: deena
  • November 13, 2016


Lainie November 20, 2016
You can make the pie dough a couple days in advance, wrap well and store in the refrigerator. I would not make the pie more that a day in advance.
Windischgirl November 13, 2016
If you're making a one-crust pie, you can pre-bake and cool the crust even a few days early. It should keep. I would do the whole pie the day before or morning of.
The most work with the pie is prepping the apples.
To save time with putting together a recipe, I often measure out all the ingredients, place them in sealable containers, and label them...dry ingredients in one container (e.g., flour and spices which get added all at the same time anyway) and 'wets' in another. Then when it's time to assemble, everything gets added in pretty quickly.
Maybe you can recruit a friend to help in apple peeling and slicing?
creamtea November 13, 2016
I do as Windischgirl does, that is, pre-measure.
To speed the apple preparation, you can halve then use a melon-baller to scoop out the seeds. Use a knife to cut notches on either end, where the core and blossom end are. Cut each apple half into wedges then peel; it's easier to peel thin wedges (with a bird-beak or other small knife). Enlist help with the apple-coring and peeling if possible! My daughter and I did the coring, peeling, baking and adding a crumble topping in 45 minutes last week: a record. (true confession, we used a frozen pre-fab crust)
Smaug November 13, 2016
It'll still be edible after a couple of days, probably three- your main enemy is soggy bottom crust, so be sure to use enough flour in the filling (I like to add some golden raisins, too, which soak up some juice and have a very nice flavor). It won't be as good as fresh, but can be refreshed somewhat with a minute or so in the microwave.
ChefJune November 13, 2016
If you have a cool windowsill or such where it could wait, you would probably be okay baking it the day before. But not longer. You don't want to risk mold growing under the top crust.
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