macaroni cheese

I am making mac and cheese,for my family, and only have strong white flour for the sorce can I use that instead of all purpose flour HELP

  • Posted by: liam
  • November 7, 2015


cookbookchick November 8, 2015
I posted this on the Hotline app (just after my first comment about English speakers) when I realized the second post was also Liam's: "Oh, wait -- you also asked the question! LOL!" For some reason, some comments on the Hotline app don't post on the website. Why my comment got voted "best answer" is beyond me, a mistake for sure. I'll now join the chorus of members asking for an edit function on comments! My apologies, Liam! But you got a very good answer from Boulangere who really knows her stuff.
boulangere November 7, 2015
You will be fine using the flour you have. it contains more gluten than all-purpose flour, which could cause your dish to over-thicken some. You can counter-act this by using a bit more butter, since fats have a tenderizing effect on proteins.
tiffanylee November 7, 2015
Wow. Source
liam November 7, 2015
you can use any flour but plain is the best also you spelled source wrong!

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cookbookchick November 7, 2015
Liam, some Food52 members are not English speakers.
cookbookchick November 7, 2015
Oh, wait -- you also asked the question! LOL!
cookbookchick November 7, 2015
And answered it yourself, too..
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