I want to make Uppåkra cookies, which call for 3/4 c potato flour to 1 3/4 c all purpose flour. Are there any substitutes for the potato flour?

I have corn flour, white rice flour, and brown rice flour...really don't want any more! I am looking to make traditional Swedish cookies this holiday, in honor of my daughter who is in Sweden.



Greenstuff December 6, 2014
It's definitely potato starch, and any change would make them something other than Uppåkra cookies. Potato starch doesn't cost much, lasts forever, and you can use it in place of cornstarch as a thickener. Uppåkra cookies are a Christmas standard at my house, and I highly recommend them--very delicate.
Windischgirl December 6, 2014
Thanks for all your feedback. I did spring for the potato starch, but it wasn't all that cheap--$4.39 for 24 oz...and I went to the local supermarket that has the largest Kosher section! I know I can use it up, just trying to save on space.
Good to know the cookies are worth it--my son requested cookies that are topped with pearl sugar, and these fit the bill.
God Jul!
ChezHenry December 6, 2014
You can also freeze it. You can use it as a substitute for thickeners such as cornstarch also to use it up.
Greenstuff December 6, 2014
Sorry it was so pricey!

The pearl sugar probably set you back a bit as well. I hope it is also going onto some cinnamon buns--they are a lot of people's favorite Swedish baked good.
nutcakes December 6, 2014
There are bunches of recipes online, all say potato starch. Go to the grocery store, you might find it in the kosher section, it is cheap, throw the box out when you are done. Or try cornstarch.
Jenny M. December 6, 2014
It is potato starch. A bit odd I can't finde Any recepie in Swedich
Susan W. December 5, 2014
Are you sure the recipe isn't calling for potato starch? It different an more likely to be an ingredient in a cookie. If it's potato starch, you can sub tapioca or cornstarch. Possibly rice flour if it's that really finely ground rice flour that feels like cornstarch.
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