Chicken soup in a pressure cooker

I was just wondering what some opinions are on using a pressure cooker to make chicken soup. Does slow cooking extract more flavor from the bones and yield deeper flavor?

James Durazzo


Amanda November 13, 2015
I made this last week in my Instant Pot, and it was incredible!
Sam1148 November 12, 2015
It's very good. I use Chicken Thighs. Carrots, Celery, Onion..and a bit of thyme.
Pressure it about 1 hour.
The thighs have given up all their meat toss the dry meat.
I will put back in the bones and simmer and reduce and add salt until it has a rich flavor.

Then it gets drained into a tall pot and put in the fridge until a 'fat disk' forms that can be easily lifted/skimmed off.
max J. November 12, 2015
It is the only way if you are making proper soup out of Boiling Fowl.
Susan W. November 9, 2015
I haven't used a pressure cooker in ages, but I remember it making incredible stocks. I'd say you'll be very pleased with the results.
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