Where can I get King Trumpet mushrooms in Manhattan?

  • Posted by: @nrwayne
  • November 14, 2015


QueenSashy November 17, 2015
I just saw them at the Manhattan Fruit Exchange at the Chelsea Market
QueenSashy November 15, 2015
I've seen them in Chinatown markets quite often. You could check the markets and supermarkets on Mott and Hester, or Bayard Street market. The advantage of getting them in Chinatown as opposed to other places, is that they will be way cheaper.
cookbookchick November 14, 2015
I found them recently at Barzini's, a well-stocked bodega on Broadway at about West 91st.
sexyLAMBCHOPx November 14, 2015
Check your local Asian markets or well-stocked upscale groceries, e.g. H-Mart, Whole Foods, Fairway, Gracies Market, Eataly, etc. Call ahead to see if there in stock and/or carry.
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