Can I make a stuffing out of bread, red grapes, mushroom, celery, cream of mushroom, herbs, and hope...?

Sarah Stacpoole


Sarah S. November 21, 2018
Thank you so much!!!
Cory B. November 21, 2018
Hi Sarah! Were you looking for an exact recipe, or wondering if those ingredients would work well in a stuffing? I’m flipping through my recipe box to see what I can find for you on cream of mushroom in stuffing...most recipes I know of use stock as the liquid. More soon!
Sarah S. November 21, 2018
Thank you so much! I have stock, too, as well as some other basic ingredients, but the cream of mushroom was something I remember my mom having me use for...something having to do with thanksgiving...and I remembered it being delicious. It may have been used for the gravy, which might make more sense. But any recipe I could whip together for a stuffing with these ingredients would be great! I also have white wine if that helps? And eggs? Thank you so much for looking!!
Cory B. November 21, 2018
Alright — I poked around, and I found a few references to using cream of mushroom soup but not a ton of *actual recipes* from sources I'd normally turn to. Those that I did find thinned out the cream of mushroom with stock, so I'd definitely suggest doing that.

If I were you, I'd follow this awesome and straightforward recipe for a simple bread stuffing, and then add your in your own doodads as Emma suggests. (Just make sure you sauté your before mixing them in.)

I'd never had grapes and mushrooms together, but adding both savory and sweet in stuffing is pretty typical. I'd probably try something like grapes, thyme, and toasted pecans (maybe with caramelized onions? and/or sausage??) OR straight up mushroom, celery, onion with herbs, which is pretty classic combo (maybe with diced apples if you want a pop of sweet).

Whatever route you choose, let us know how it goes!
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