Immersion blender safety?

Does anyone have a recommendation for an immersion blender with built-in safety features? Reading this makes me wary of having one in the home, since when I'm most likely to want it will also be when I'm most fatigued:



Ali S. November 16, 2015
I know a number of people who've gotten hurt from their immersion blender—including while off, when cleaning the blade—so I also wonder if there are ones that are safer than others. Thank you for raising this question!
ChefJune November 16, 2015
Unplug the device before sticking your fingers in the blade area. Caveat: I don't recommend inserting fingers in that area, even with the power off. You can still get a nasty cut. Use the stick end of a wooden spoon or a spreader or knife to dislodge any extraneous material that sticks therein.
Lindsay-Jean H. November 15, 2015
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Smaug November 15, 2015
There is a difference between calling an action stupid and calling a person stupid. If you feel that it is anything less than an act of idiocy to stick your hand intro a plugged in blender you're welcome to your opinion, but please don't spread it to my children.
amysarah November 15, 2015
I've also never seen one with a safety shut-off, and agree it's probably not realistic (as with many potentially dangerous tools when not properly handled.)
I do not, however, see how accusations of "stupidity" help convey that information.
702551 November 15, 2015
oldunc's comment is very communicative about the inability of device manufacturers to make up for the common sense deficiencies of users.
catherinej November 15, 2015
Thank you for your comment. I very much appreciate it. My question was not about anyone's opinion (trolls or otherwise) but about whether anyone knew of a blender that *did* have built-in features.
702551 November 15, 2015
Try a viola.
Michele November 15, 2015
I have one that I love and safety isn't really an issue. As a serious soup maker it is so much easier than using my old blender. It only runs while your finger is pressing it and if you are holding the container that the liquid is in with your other hand there isn't any problem. When done just unplug.
catherinej November 15, 2015
Thank you for this testimonial/words from personal experience.

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Smaug November 15, 2015
This is not a safety issue with the tool, it's a stupidity problem. You don't stick your hand into ANYTHING with a blade while it's plugged in- or for that matter, anything that moves. If your mother didn't tell you this, it inevitably says so in the manual that comes with the tool. They do now make tablesaws with a relay that shuts it off instantly if it encounters a finger (or a hot dog), but it adds hundreds of dollars to the price of the saw. It also trashes the blade if it engages- for users of a saw this pricey, probably another $100 plus. Much as people may wish it, technology will never replace common sense.
Jill V. June 30, 2020
What an ignorant comment. So my 11 year old daughter who was using an immersion to mix cookie dough and cut the top of her finger off is stupid?? Look up case law on these devices. There are now safety switches in them because some idiot had the same design idea you had.
Susan W. November 15, 2015
Hmm..I can sort of see how this could happen, but my instincts of life preservation (or at least finger preservation) have me unplugging before I do any prying even when I pray with my skinny silicone spatula. I have a Breville and love it, but there is no safety feature on it.
Susan W. November 15, 2015
Supposed to say "pry with my skinny silicone spatula". I rarely pray with it.
Nancy November 15, 2015
Never heard of one with a safety feature.
If you're that wary,
*permit yourself to get more sleep (always nice) :),
*have cold ready-to-eat food around for when you're too tired to focus,
*do as people in the article did - buy a sturdier machine that does what you need and has some safety features.
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