I want to make traditional english fruitcake or a kerela, India style christmas cake. One which is to be aged for sometime.

Suchi Modi


QueenSashy November 18, 2015
Here is the recipe for the cake I regularly make for Christmas (http://www.threelittlehalves.com/2013/08/sri-lankan-christmas-cake.html). It's Sri Lankan Christmas cake, and is really a somewhat more spiced variation of the British fruit cake. You can always substitute Sri Lankan preserved fruits with other candied fruits (e.g. replace chow chow with candied mango, or papaya, and Sri Lankan ginger preserve with candied ginger), and then change the amount of spices to accommodate your tastebuds. I recommend making it soon, because it is the best if it ages at least three to four weeks.
Regine November 17, 2015
QueenSashy November 17, 2015
Suchi, not sure what your question is. Are you looking for a recipe?
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