Oven Risotto! I am making: https://food52.com/recipes/25811-oven-butternut-squash-risotto

Hi, I am trying to make this https://food52.com/recipes...

It has been in oven for 50 minutes, which is 10 minutes over the suggested baking time. The liquid isn't absorbing. Should I transfer to stove and boil? Or just keep bakin' away?

Thank you!

Mackenzie Merkel
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1 Comment

Susan W. November 18, 2015
Hopefully, the author will respond, but here are my thoughts. Did you do the first few steps on the stovetop? Did you bring the liquids to a simmer before putting it into the oven? I see in the comments that people had good success with this, so hopefully it will work for you. You could move it to the stovetop.
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