Butternut Squash Gratin

Hi! I am making Food52's Butternut Squash Gratin recipe. Trying to prep as much as possible today, so have sliced and sauteed squash and onions and assembled, but wondering if I should wait to put the cream and topping in/on until I am ready to bake tomorrow. Thoughts? Thanks! Recipe: https://food52.com/recipes...

  • Posted by: Karla
  • November 22, 2017


Karla November 22, 2017
Thanks ladies!
Stephanie B. November 22, 2017
I would put the cream on tomorrow - I don't think you'll save a significant amount of time doing it today since you still have to put breadcrumbs on top just before you bake anyway. And since you pre-cooked and assembled the veggies you've already got most of the prep done!
Stephanie B. November 22, 2017
You can go ahead and top with everything before baking and just pop into the oven tomorrow.
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