How long can a baked cheese souffle be kept in a fridge before reheating?

I'm thinking of making twice cooked cheese souffles as a starter for dinner party and want to prepare a few days before and keep refrigerated. What is the maximum time they can be pre-cooked. I'll place them on parchment and cover with clingfilm in the fridge

Lesley Wilson


amysarah November 20, 2015
I actually asked a very similar question a few months back re April Bloomfield's goat cheese souffle (baking dish lined in ground almonds - heavenly) where she specifically suggests making it ahead and reheating: Lots of helpful replies, might be useful to you.

I ended up making it to serve immediately that time, but subsequently made it for family a day ahead and reheated. It held up fine - possibly ever so marginally less puffed on 'take 2' but it was still beautiful, with a wonderful light fluffy texture. (I used one big baking dish however, so I can't speak to how it reheats as individuals.) Btw, here's her recipe, with very clear photos:
Dotsy December 31, 2019
New to souffles can they be baked totally and just reheated,?
702551 November 20, 2015
I've never done this before either, but I found one recipe from a very reputable source that said these could be prepped the day before.

During his heyday, Jeremiah Tower was one of the best. As a restaurant chef, he is understandably very sensitive about freshness. These would probably be acceptable to a home cook if made 2-3 days before.

Good luck.
drbabs November 20, 2015
I've never done it, so I did some research for you, and it looks like you're safe for 2-3 days. Interestingly, some recipes say that you can freeze after the first bake and then reheat. It may not rise as high after the second bake as it did after the first. Good luck!
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