What are good recipes I can make for my bf to bring to work as a construction worker?

I'm trying to figure out what I can make for my bf to bring to work. He's a construction worker and it's difficult to find healthy prepped meals/snacks to bring with him. If anyone has any ideas please share, thanks!

Brooke Boucher


Nancy August 6, 2017
The idea of vegetable-heavy quiches sounds very good.
Also reminds me of hand pies (traditional Cornish pasty with meat and veg, or a variety of more modern savory and sweet fillings).
Karen August 6, 2017
That's a great idea!
Leslie S. November 23, 2015
My boyfriend and I have started making super vegetable-heavy quiches twice a week (one on Sunday and then one on Tuesday/Wednesday is enough to last the two of us!) with our leftover vegetables—it's really hearty, and packed with a yogurt or small salad is really filling and perfect! Plus it only takes about 45 minutes to make one! I admittedly keep store-bought crusts in my freezer for the times I'm in too much of a rush to make my own and use this recipe as my base: https://food52.com/recipes/30167-tomato-kale-quiche-in-cheesy-rice-crust
Niknud November 24, 2015
You can also ditch the crust and make frittata -which is good cold, holds its shape and isn't as crumb-y without the crust. I do that too when I forget to hold the diary order and wind up with five dozen eggs in the fridge. The 16 egg frittata - with leftovers from dinners inside!
amysarah November 23, 2015
I'm often at construction sites for work, and see lots of thermoses with soup, stew, etc. - especially if working outdoors during the cold months. (Also, somewhat related - homemade baked goods for the team at break time = instant popularity.)

ktr November 23, 2015
My husband is on the road a lot for work and he often takes soup stews, and casseroles in his thermos. Homemade granola bars also travel well.
Brooke B. November 24, 2015
Great idea with the soups. Perfect for this time of the year too. And I loveeee making soup :-)

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Niknud November 23, 2015
I heartily recommend the wrap for lunch. I do this for my husband who is out and about all day and often eating one-handed. They can be as healthy as you like and are a great way of using up leftovers from last night's dinner. One of his favorite is left over pork tenderloin with green beans, goat cheese and blackberry serano jam - basically his favorite dinner turned into lunch. I'll throw in left-over salad for greens. Also, hummus and tapenade and guacamole (not at the same time necessarily) are good subs for mayo and can make a standard lunch meat and cheese filling more interesting. A little sandwich sprinkle from Penzey's can also help jazz it up a bit.
Amanda S. November 23, 2015
Anything that can be enjoyed room temperature (like these: https://food52.com/blog/13934-8-lunches-that-taste-better-at-room-temperature), so he doesn't have to depend on refrigeration at the construction site!

Caroline L. November 23, 2015
i find that i can get a lot of prep work done for big grain salads over the weekend. and they don't need to be refrigerated, which is a big plus! https://food52.com/blog/13758-how-to-make-any-grain-salad-in-4-steps
Ali S. November 23, 2015
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