The recipe calls for polenta, I wonder if that means the prepared version or from the context-the raw version. It also calls for a bunch of kale,...

...roughly how many cups would that be

  • Posted by: Misty
  • November 23, 2015
Mayan Vernal Moon Bake
Recipe question for: Mayan Vernal Moon Bake


Misty November 24, 2015
Sorry about that I was rushed. I did weigh some kale bunches at the store used that weight to sub the kale for equal amount thin sliced cabbage, which I found listed as a kale substitute on Yes, cooking is art more than science; just looking for a broader point of view, sorry to inconvenience/annoy anyone.
Kenzi W. November 23, 2015
Hi Misty—I've never made this before, but it seems like the recipe is calling for raw polenta. And the kale doesn't seem like an exact science; I'd go with a medium bunch of kale, or 3/4 cups.
702551 November 23, 2015
Step 7 instructs the reader to cook the grains together in the vegetable broth, hence those grains are raw.

I don't know how many cups a bunch of kale is, someone else will need to answer that question.
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