What's the best way to transfer turkey drippings from the pan?

In my particular case, I'm roasting a butterflied bird (on a rack) on a half-sheet baking pan, but I think the question still applies for those using deep roasters or other pans. Instructions always say to "pour" them off, but let's be real: That's unwieldy and never works.

  • Posted by: steph
  • November 25, 2015


ChefJune November 27, 2015
How did I miss this question? So sorry! After the bird is removed from the pan, I get a helper to assist me in pouring off the fat. I make the gravy right in the pan.
Lindsay-Jean H. November 27, 2015
I'm sorry this is too late to help this year, but I think with something that shallow, your best bet would be to use a turkey baster (or something similar) to suck most of the drippings out until you got to a level that you could comfortable pour.
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