Do you have a recipe for cranberry dressing

Micheal Charrier


Sarah J. November 25, 2015
Oops, forgot the link, didn't I!
Nancy November 25, 2015
If you mean "dressing" as in stuffing, just add some cranberries to a recipe you already use.
If you mean a cranberry sauce, the easiest is on the package - one bag (12 oz), 1c water, 1c sugar, boil together and that's it. You can also add orange zest, or sub orange juice for some of the water, or add other herbs and spices you like.
Many recipes available for here under Recipes, or elsewhere on web.
Sarah J. November 25, 2015
You can follow our handy stuffing tutorial and add cranberries (dried or fresh!) to your stuffing:

We've also got cranberry chutney (, relish (, even gelée (! I can help you find a specific recipe you're looking for, too!
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