My pie crust keeps cracking when I bake them. Any ideas?

  • Posted by: Victoria
  • November 25, 2015


Sarah J. November 25, 2015
One reason your crust may be cracking is if it is cooling down too quickly. You could try cooling the crust in the oven. Turn off the heat and leave the door open, with the pie crust inside, to cool the crust more slowly. It could also be because your dough doesn't have enough time to rest (the gluten strands need to rest and relax). Let your dough chill out after you've mixed it and after you've rolled it out and transferred it into the pie plate.
ChefJune November 25, 2015
You may have made your crust a bit too dry. I always try to err on the moist side, because I find it easier to fix, when necessary. Try the flour and water paste method to pull it together. No one is going to see it, in the end.
Sarah J. November 25, 2015
Where is the crust cracking? Are you par-baking the crust and the bottom is cracking, or are you having trouble with the sides? You can fix a cracked pie crust with a flour and water paste! There's a great video from Saveur here:
Victoria November 25, 2015
Yes, I'm pre-baking it and the bottom is cracking
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