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Lentil loaf question

I want to make a lentil loaf for dinner tomorrow. Can I make & refrigerate to bake tomorrow? Can I make & bake today & reheat tomorrow? Or just make it tomorrow?

asked by carmelo1011 about 1 year ago
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Leslie Stephens

Assistant Editor, Food52

added about 1 year ago

It should hold together fine if you make it, saran wrap it so it holds and doesn't dry out, then bake it tomorrow so it's fresh!

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added about 1 year ago

hi! i think any of these options would work. this recipe actually says it gets better after a day in the fridge:

if you decide to assemble tonight and bake tomorrow, i'd just leave off the ketchup and apply right before putting it into the oven. (and let it come to room temp. before you bake!)

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