If I use lentils as pie weights to blind bake a crust, can the lentils be cooked later, or are they toast?



spiffypaws November 9, 2010
They're toast. Could be used again as weights. I'm a prof baker-at home I use marbles. They're reuseable forever!
Hilarybee November 8, 2010
They are definitely toast. Like @mainecook61, I just use dried beans as pie weights. I keep them in a jar, and I've used them for years. I think this year I will buy actual pie weights, but beans work great in a pinch.
mainecook61 November 7, 2010
They will be dried out, not very palatable, if you try to cook them. My favorite pie weights are dried beans, which can be used over and over (mine are several years old) and exceedingly cheap.
innoabrd November 7, 2010
Pie weights aren't very much and you can use them for years and years. I have ceramic ones.
pierino November 6, 2010
Or you could just invest in a jar of pie weights. They're not that expensive. And if you bake pie crusts frequently...
rlouisecull November 6, 2010
Thank you!
Mr_Vittles November 6, 2010
They should be saved to be used as pie weights again. You could probably cook them but they would taste bad.
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