How long to heat up cooked sweet potato casserole in the microwave?

Joan Bindner


Joan B. November 27, 2015
Thanks, CV! It ended up being about 6 minutes in my daughter's newer microwave. Yummy!
702551 November 26, 2015
It depends mostly on three things:
1.) The size of your casserole
2.) Its temperature
3.) Your microwave oven's power setting and output

Notably, the microwave oven at my office is wimpy compared to the one at home. If frijoles take 30 seconds to heat up at home, they might take 2 minutes at work.

In the same way, it's like asking how long something takes to warm up on the stove. We don't know. Stoves have different performance characteristics.

Anyhow, just heat it up to your liking.

Good luck.
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