I'm making a sweet potatoes casserole and added uncooked eggs. Along with brown sugar, grand mariner etc. and cook it in 2 days refrigarated

  • Posted by: lizroose
  • November 24, 2015


Shuna L. November 24, 2015
The standard rule that I have always used is: items made with raw eggs last about 4-5 days in fridge without being baked. Please make sure your casserole is in the coldest part of your fridge, and the more you put in there, turn the dial to the coldest setting. During major holidays I re-organize my home fridge to suit what I have in there, waiting.
Kenzi W. November 24, 2015
What's the question? Will it last? Both unbaked and baked it should hold well—if there's a topping I would wait until the last minute, right before you bake. (The eggs will cook in the oven during the baking time.)
lizroose November 24, 2015
Just to be clear. Uncooked eggs in a casserole made today cane sit in the refrig and be cooked on thanksgiving
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