Dinner postponed/cancelled due to medical emergency. Is it ok to sit in fridge for a day or so?

I have a whole bird brined. I pulled it out of brine this morning and was just about to apply rub and smoke it when I got a call that my Dad is in ER. Needless to say, our dinner has been postponed/cancelled but I want to know what I should do w/ my bird. Should I just let it sit, air-chilled in fridge? Should I apply rub first, hoping that I can smoke it tomorrow? Any suggestions?

  • Posted by: jsegal
  • November 26, 2015


Colleen,Nguyen November 26, 2015
I'm sorry about your dad! Hopefully everything turns out ok
ChefJune November 26, 2015
So sorry about your emergency. I'd do what the others suggested.
Nancy November 26, 2015
If you have the time, cook all the food that was prepared but not cooked.
If you don't have the time (or the ability to focus, given the upheaval and worry about your Dad), have someone else do it.
The cook can then safely store these foods for eating Friday, Saturday or whenever.
Or pack some to take to the family keeping watch at the hospital. And some more for the emergency staff, so many of whom give up their holidays to be there for the rest of us.
jsegal November 26, 2015
Great suggestion to bring food to family and staff. Thank you, Nancy.
Kenzi W. November 26, 2015
So: Your bird will be 100% fine air-chilled in the fridge. I would apply the rub now if you have your heart set on it later—the dryer the skin gets as the bird air chills, the more difficult it might be to apply the rub. Otherwise, go! Is there anything else you have questions about holding? Can a neighbor come watch it in the smoker while you go so it's all ready for you when you get back? Sending many thoughts and virtual pies.
jsegal November 26, 2015
Thanks, Kenzi...decided to start the smoke and cook since there's very little else to do at the moment. Nancy's suggestion about bringing food to hospital later for family and staff there is a great suggestion. I'm very appreciative of you help and advice.
Kenzi W. November 26, 2015
Ahh! I am so sorry to hear this. We've got your back. Sit tight.
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