This is sort of a pre-cooking question: I'm planning to do a little more vegetable gardening this year, though my experience is limited. Hoping there are some gardeners out there who can advise on good sources for heirloom/organic seeds. Thanks!



healthierkitchen January 10, 2011
I will check these all out. Thanks!
mainecook61 January 10, 2011
The finest company, in my opinion, is Johnnys Selected Seeds (now employee owned), from Maine, followed closely by the co-op seed company called Fedco (also Maine-based). Both have terrific catalogs, full of information, and have web sites as well. I have ordered from them both for a long time, and I have a huge and varied vegetable garden. Fedco also features small packets, which lets you try many varieties. Both companies offer organic seeds if you desire it, and both have full lines of gardening supplies. Neither is part of a larger corporation. Service from both is amazingly prompt.
Kristy M. January 10, 2011
I love Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
beyondcelery January 10, 2011
I love these guys:

You can get all sorts of varieties of beans as well as a lot of vegetables.
POTATO January 10, 2011
These guys have been around since 1976. I buy all of my ORGANIC gardening needs from them from seeds to fertilizers to tomatoes that have already been started. They are also quick to respond to all of my specific gardening questions from natural pest control to the best zucchini for my zone.
Peaceful Valley
healthierkitchen January 10, 2011
I knew I'd get great info from this crowd!! Thanks so much.
hardlikearmour January 10, 2011
I really like Territorial Seeds. Not all of their seeds are organic, but they carry a good amount that are. Also Botanical interests has a good amount of organic and heirloom seeds. Seeds of change is another good source, and they are entirely organic.
Nora January 10, 2011 is a great resource, and their catalogue is great fun to read.

Do you have a farmers' market nearby? Talk to the farmers who sell there, especially if they are selling heirlooms. In my experience, they'll be most generous to share what they know. Also, where you live should be part of your consideration in regard to what to plant. Do you have county farm agents? They can help you do soil tests, figure out what sorts of amendments your soil needs, and so on.

aargersi January 10, 2011
I order from these guys - tons of options and great descriptions - keep in mind your space, if it's limited you want to choose determinate varieties - they will only grow to a certain size. Indeterminate keep growing and growing - my cherry tomatoes got to 9 feet tall last summer - the advantage is they also produce all season ...

casa-giardino January 10, 2011
I like "Seeds from Italy"
Sadassa_Ulna January 10, 2011
I am also interested in planting more vegetables this year, and this organization is supposed to be great:
Recommended by Food52